Expanding God’s kingdom (Rev 7:9-17)


To make disciples of Jesus who fully embrace their place in God’s story (Mt 28:18-20; Lk 24:27; Acts 3, 7)


Worship, Biblical Teaching, Care for Each Other, Gift-Based Ministry, Reaching Out

  • Worship – as a Christian community, we remain committed to facilitating private, family, as well as diverse small groups and corporate worship experiences;
  • Biblical Teaching – needs to be both by spoken word (hence Preaching, Sabbath School, Bible studies, seminars etc) and example (hence members attending Bible studies with their friends);
  • Care for Each Other – one of Christianity’s main characteristics is the call to care for people, especially those who are marginalised;
  • Gift-Based Ministry – church is not a spectator sport for just a chosen few to perform, but we want everyone to use their God-given gifts in some way in the church (1Cor 12:7-13, 27);
  • Reaching Out – our faith is outward looking and we seek to find ways to be a blessing to the world around us in everything we do.