The Last Time I Fell In Love by Anna Radosh

Last October, I fell in love with Kenya. I loved the country of Kenya – its people and especially its stunning nature.

I was truly overwhelmed to see the majestic giraffes and the cheeky warthogs. Almost every animal I encountered was exotic and had beautiful names like the Secretary bird, for example.

One day, my friends and I saw an intriguing looking bird on top of a hut. It was all puffed up and angry-looking. We wondered what kind of bird it was and then started to guess what it was called.

Having no clue of what type of birds are in Kenya, the most popular guesses for this fascinating bird were:

“African Hawk” or “African Eagle” or any other “African Bird”.

We went up to our guide and asked, “What’s the name of this strange looking bird?”

Our guide looked at us and answered simply, “It’s a pigeon.”

Sometimes, we just need to change our surroundings to once again see the extraordinary in ordinary.

This New Year (2017), may we all see the beauty in the things around us. May God give us open minds, kind hearts and memories filled with adventures.