Have you seen the movie Fireproof?

If you haven?t had the chance to watch it, do try your best to so.

Let me give you a snapshot on what happens. A husband, who is a fireman (hence, the reference to the name of the movie!), is mean to his wife. His wife has tried what she thinks is her absolute best and nothing has seemed to work. She just does not get any love from him.

Divorce seems the only option? and then…just then, Jesus comes into the picture – and her husband?s ways are transformed — their marriage is saved! A marriage on the brink is restored?

I?ve pondered about this film and I believe that there comes a point in a relationship where one has to rephrase the question, ?Does he really love me??, and instead ask, ?Does he really love God??

And it is just as important to ask oneself, ?Do I really love God? Am I madly in love with Him as He is with me??

And the answer is positive, one needs to ask again, ?Can I share this amazing love I know from God with those around me, without asking for anything in return? Can I love my husband although it is plain to see that he does not love me??

According to Myles Munroe, ?Love is a command and not a feeling. ?As for our feelings, they change all the time.?

?A new command I give you: Love one another?.? (John 13:34),

?Love your enemies?? (Matthew 5:44)

For me, an enemy can be an unloving husband.

Dear God, my relationship with my husband is not working but I am glad I still have a relationship with You. I do not feel great but I am happy that You are with me.

He does not tell me how beautiful I am. In fact, he says, I am ugly?.but I thank you for creating in me in your image, and reminding me that I am fearfully and wonderfully pray.

Please make me believe all your ?love? words in the Bible, and as you say, put them into action each passing day in my relationship. Help me to do the same to my enemies, hubby included. Amen.?