?Blessed are?the pure in heart, for?they shall see God.??? Matthew 5:8

?The Holy Spirit takes the truth concerning God and Him whom He hath sent, and opens it to the understanding and to the heart. The pure in heart see God in a new and endearing relation, as their Redeemer; and while they discern the purity and loveliness of His character, they long to reflect His image. They see Him as a Father longing to embrace a repenting son, and their hearts are filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory.? ? Thoughts from The Mount of Blessing, p. 26


When we faithfully walk with God, He continually opens our eyes to more and more of an understanding of His character of love, His will, and His beauty. In the realization of His perfect holiness and purity our impurities come to light and we are invited to receive the cleansing only He can give. On this side of heaven, we see with the eye of faith, but one day soon, we shall see Him face to face! That will be a glorious day.

Until then, why not ask Him to cleanse our hearts from all impurity and filth? Why not actively search for an ever-clearer vision and understanding of our God and His will?


  • Shana S.: ?During the 100 Days of Prayer I started praying for a friend of 20 years who, out of the blue, started to ignore me in 2017. Blocked me on her phone, etc. I had tried to reach out many times. No response. Our prayer leader encouraged us to cry out to God. I did. I called again. No response. The next day she called me back! She unblocked me and told me that I hadn?t done anything wrong. We reconnected and reconciled. God answers our prayers!?
  • John K.: ?Here in Uganda the lockdown has left many starving. During a 100 Days of Prayer session, God gave me wisdom to help the starving children. I sent a message to 100 families from church and asked them to share food with starving people near them. This simple idea spread across the entire region through a journalist who shared it online. With the new connections we made we now started WhatsApp based evangelistic meetings!?


  • Pray for a pure heart, free from sin, cleansed from all impurity.
  • Pray for funeral directors, morticians, embalmers and funeral service staff as they are in direct contact with many who have died of Covid-19. 
  • Pray for the church in Fiji, as they are considering structural changes and stronger empowerment of the laity in taking ownership of various responsibilities.
  • Pray for the ministry of the Harvest Seventh-day Adventist Church in Alabama, USA. They are located in a low income, high crime area, and have seen very little fruit in their soul-winning efforts. Pray for God to bring a breakthrough.