“The prospect of the righteous is joy.” – Proverbs 10:28a

“The soul that cherishes the love of Christ is full of freedom, light, and joy. In such a soul there are no divided thoughts. The whole man yearns after God. He does not go to men to know his duty, but to Christ, the source of all wisdom.” – Reflecting Christ, p. 114


Have you ever felt the ‘joy of the Lord’? The joy of being with God, of communing with Him through prayer and His Word? When you catch a glimpse of Jesus in His pure beauty, all the “fun” which the world offers fades into insignificance. Jesus, with His matchless charms will fill your heart with a joy that is literally out of this world! 

Do you desire to experience heavenly joy? The joy of salvation, the joy of faithfulness, the joy of harmony and collaboration with God?

Why not ask God today to give you a taste of His joy by spending more time with Him in prayer and meditation of His Word?


  • Novo Tempo (Hope Channel affiliate in Brazil) is committed to 24/7 evangelism. The week before Easter is a special time for evangelism in the South American Division. When all of the churches were closed due to the pandemic, the leaders prayed. They decided to conduct a virtual evangelistic meeting with evangelist Luís Gonçalves which resulted in 30,256 requests for baptism! Surely God is able to work all things together for good for those who love the Lord!
  • Anonymous: Through the 100 Days of Prayer readings I have realized my need for more of Jesus and less of me. I praise God for His love and grace towards me!


  • Pray for a heart that is daily filled with heavenly joy.
  • Pray for believers who are faced with various trials concerning Sabbath observance. Pray for their faithfulness to shine in the light of challenges and persecution.
  • Pray for the Naga View Adventist College in the Philippines to remain viable despite COVID-19.
  • Pray for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.