I used to go from believing that God loves me to not being quite so sure how he could love me as an individual. There?s just too much going on in my life for Him to love me.

These days, I believe I might have learnt the difference. When I wake up and plan my day and consciously include God in it, I have set the day knowing He is part of it. In these first few moments, I take the opportunity to speak to Him, lay down the burdens of the day to Him as they arrive.

Last Christmas, however, I had the grand ambition to send cards and presents made from local artists. With hindsight and my daily schedule, I should really have begun this endeavour in August! Cut to the week before Christmas and none of the cards or presents that I had ordered had arrived. As I anxiously awaited their arrival, I realised that there had not been one instance when I had stopped to even pray about the feeling of being overwhelmed. I had just focused on getting the job done. What was I thinking as I tried to get the correct addresses and wrapping done while I was dealing with the demands of a 20 month old baby and a six year old girl?

At the end of it all, I had not prayed about my big project and I was getting very worked up about it. The lesson for me was to not to let anything get in between of me and God no matter what a brilliant idea it may be. ?I should have stopped to acknowledge God because all these great ideas come from Him anyways.

Yes, the the Bible constantly tells us of His love for all His children, but is it really talking about ME – the individual that I am?

What have I done about this Love He has for me? Have I even sent him a text message, an email of what I?ve been working on or shown him any other indication of my love in return?

I have found that I do believe that God loves ME when I choose to connect to Him – when I ?leave all the distractions of the day, the season, the project and connect to Him and allow Him to respond to me through my everyday activities.

This is when we can begin to see that He actually does love us individually and uniquely, and has His eyes on each person. Our words to ourselves may change, from the Christian who uses generic words like ?God loves all His children? to the affirming words such as ?God loves Me, ?God is good to Me, God knows Me, ?and has My?Name written on His palm?! To me, this is LOVE at its best!