We thank you for your generosity and willingness to give your offerings and return your tithe.  Below are a number of options you can use to give.

Pay direct to our bank account or set-up a standing order:

  • Name: Newbold Church
  • Sort Code: 40-13-10
  • Account No: 30614734
  • Reference: Provide your Gift Aid Number and breakdown of the amounts: e.g. tithe, offerings.
  • To apply for a Gift Aid Number, fill in THIS request form (specify Newbold Church, as the church where your tithe is to be returned).

There are tithe envelopes available as you come in the church (please, ask a deacon to point you in the right direction).  You can also obtain tithe envelopes throughout the week from a box placed at the rear entrance of the church. Feel free to return them either through the letter box at the same entrance or on a Sabbath morning during the church service. IMPORTANT: when using the envelopes, please, be specific how you would like the money to be split between tithes and offerings.  Indicate tithes with ‘T’ and offerings with ‘O’.  Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.

Follow this link: https://sec.adventist.uk/contact-us/donate/ and select the amount, the purpose (tithe or offering; when you select offering, it will give you the option to choose the church e.g. Newbold Church) and the frequency with which you would like to donate.