Our Wonderful Merciful Saviour

All Powerful One

Our Father

Full of love and who is the main source of Peace.

We praise you and give you the glory for all the great things that you have done.

We thank you for the peaceful surroundings that we can worship you in.

We humbly come to you – we need you God.

We long for you and ask for forgiveness for our words and actions which may have hurt others especially those closest to us.

We confess our messy lives to you. This process of transformation and wholeness we are seeking isn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be.

Thank you for taking on all our wrongs and making them right by dying on the cross. You suffered for our sakes and you have made it possible to be accepted into your Kingdom.

Dear Compassionate One

We pray that while we are on this earth, we can bring glimpses of your Kingdom to the people around us.

We pray to Be Spiritual. We want to hear from you.

Teach us how to be meek, may we be peacemakers, may we lean on you when we’re at the end of our rope, may our hearts break for the same things that break your heart, may we put our minds, hearts our souls right with you, and may we be a light unto others, always pointing others to you, our Source of everything good.

We pray on behalf on those going through trials, dark places which they can’t see any way out for now.

We pray for comfort, healing, and understanding.

We pray for friends and family, and those who are in our community, who are not well, and want to be rid of their illnesses.

You can bring beauty out of ashes. Please be with those who are walking down paths with no clear vision of where they are heading. Send them people who can guide them.

There is so much conflict and sadness in this world. We pray for refugees we have seen or met – that they are blessed with compassionate encounters with whoever they meet on their perilous journeys.

As we ask for generosity of heart, we ask for generosity in?what we give to you. May they be put to good use to carry forward your name.

Finally, Father, we pray for your Holy Spirit to come into our lives and strengthen each of us.

Help us never to lose that vision of love you want us to have for each other. That is what we have learnt from you.

You’re the only one who can make us new.

Give us the power to be open and strengthened by your Word. We don’t want to be lukewarm and going through the motions with you!

We give you all the glory and thanks.