I grew up loving my father much more than my Mother. I felt that Dad understood me, even my four siblings felt the same (Please note that my reference to my siblings excludes my twelve half brothers and sisters), but it all changed days before I got married.

I came to England when I was 19 years old, and at the age of 26, the conversations between myself and my Mum changed! In my eyes, she had become softer and kinder. ?Could this be because I was entering a similar position to hers as a wife?

As I became more appreciative of my Mum?s support through the wedding preparatons, I also began to see a part of her which I never realised – that she was actually a very kind person! Oh Mother, how did I miss this before?

Now we are both married, my Mum has shared many of her experiences, most of which have brought tears to my eyes. I keep asking her, ?How did you manage to look after a household as well as so many children while experiencing so many difficulties??

I cannot recall a time in my life when I saw my Mum down. Yes, there were times when she was sad especially at when my two half sisters died. (For me, when I write about trials, death is not included, because it is a trial that only God can deal with).

Right now, I am 33 years old and in the thick of my own family challenge, being denied permission to live here in England, having lived here for fourteen years. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Yet, in front of my two young children, I must be that strong person and maintain a pleasant atmosphere at home.

Spending hours sleeping is not an option, let alone crying in front of them, and for my children, I must live like my Mum. ?They do not to know that their Dad and I are going through a challenge that does not guarantee where we will be tomorrow.

Instead, we make plans about birthdays, holidays in England (although now they are asking why not to another country!), and what we will be getting up to during Easter.

Each time I talk to them about these plans, I send out a prayer to God, asking Him that whatever happens, wherever we end up, that all will be well with my children.

Essentially, this what each mother prays for, trying to show her children in her own way that at each step of their lives, whatever it may be, her deepest desire is that it be well with them.

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK and?I?would like to?salute my Mum and all mothers, and all women, that truly even if things are not going well, that God has given us mothers who have shown us the strength to carry on. Even when I loved my Mum less and my Dad more, she still continued to love me and my siblings. Now with my Dad gone, we continue to feel his love through her.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, whether misunderstood, under-loved, over-adored, because your truest emotion and intention is LOVE!