“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

“I would that all could realize what possibilities and probabilities there are for all who make Christ their sufficiency and their trust.” – Letter 45, 1893, par. 33


God is omnipotent. Nothing is too hard, complex, or difficult for Him – the Creator of all reality. He chooses to use His power to help, heal, and restore. Because His words are power and life, all His commandments, directions, and instructions come to us with the promise to be fully realized in our lives on the condition of faith. Faith unleashes the promised power for faithful living.

Will you choose today to believe in God’s power having been made available to you by faith? Will you trust in Jesus, the Word made flesh, to supply you with the ability to do His will? Will you work with Jesus to live a life of healing, helping, and restoring?


  • Sister D.: For years I have been encouraging my brother to go to church. Now, as we worship online, he joins us every Sabbath! Please pray that he will give his heart to the Lord, and God will make a way for him to get to church.
  • Gem C.: We praise the Lord for many prayer leaders in the Philippines whose lives were changed during the prayer times. Initially, some of these leaders were reluctant to accept the call to be prayer leaders but now many have found so much joy in the faith. In fact, the online prayer sessions have become the source of their strength in this time of pandemic.


  • Pray for faith in God’s promise to always supply the power to do His will.
  • Pray for broken marriages to be healed, for reconciliation to take place between estranged partners, and for Jesus to become the center of every believer’s marriage.
  • Pray for Sister T. from Tanzania, who is suffering in various ways because of her decision to become a Seventh-day Adventist.
  • Pray for a new center in Belarus, which provides a playground, facilities for people with special needs, and more. Please ask God to bless and grow this vital outreach, and help workers introduce visitors to God.