PRAISE REPORT! The Youth Department of the Euro-Asia Division in Moscow, Russia, organized a division-wide prayer marathon for young people via Zoom recently. Participants connected from across the division, focusing on the power of God, His watchcare, and prayer. God blessed!

  • Pray that our youth around the world will continue finding ways to press together in prayer, and Bible study. Pray that the experience they are gaining now with Jesus because of this crisis will be lasting. 
  • Pray for parents who are struggling to teach or help monitor the online education of their children during this pandemic. Pray for wisdom and courage for parents!
  • Pray for the graduating high school and college students who are now going to be missing their normal graduation. Pray for courage for them, and direction as to what plans they should make for the future.
  • Pray for health, strength, and inspiration for youth ministry leaders, educators, teachers, and others working to inspire and encourage our youth during this crisis. 
  • Pray for the It Is Written online evangelistic campaign ?Hope Awakens? that has just started. There?s been a lot of obstacles and we know that the enemy is working overtime to keep this program from going forward. Keep the prayers covering this very important series. (To learn more visit: