?Aaron spoke all the words that the Lord had spoken to Moses and did the signs in the sight of the people. And the people believed; and when they heard that the Lord had visited the people of Israel and that he had seen their affliction, they bowed their heads and worshiped.??? Exodus 4:30-31

?You desire to give yourself to Him, but you are weak in moral power, in slavery to doubt, and controlled by the habits of your life of sin. Your promises and resolutions are like ropes of sand. You cannot control your thoughts, your impulses, your affections. The knowledge of your broken promises and forfeited pledges weakens your confidence in your own sincerity, and causes you to feel that God cannot accept you; but you need not despair. What you need to understand is the true force of the will. This is the governing power in the nature of man, the power of decision, or of choice. Everything depends on the right action of the will. The power of choice God has given to men; it is theirs to exercise. You cannot change your heart, you cannot of yourself give to God its affections; but you can?choose?to serve Him. You can give Him your will; He will then work in you to will and to do according to His good pleasure. Thus your whole nature will be brought under the control of the Spirit of Christ; your affections will be centered upon Him, your thoughts will be in harmony with Him.? ?? Steps to Christ, 47


When faced with the reality of God?s loving promise of salvation from slavery, the people of Israel?s reaction was one of surrender, commitment and worship. 

As you contemplate God?s incredible love for you, will you choose today to respond to Him with the same kind of attitude? Will you give Him your will, your life, your heart?

God is good. He desires to help and heal. The process can hurt at times, but it is worth it. Why not let go of the world, surrender, and commit your life and will to God today and worship Him?


  • Covid-19 restrictions have led to an increase of interest in the gospel in the Middle East. Various individuals, while staying anonymous have connected online with the church.
  • Massive prayer movements are taking place in the Inter-American Division. 


  • Pray for Literature Evangelists around the world who are financially affected by the pandemic. Pray for ways for our literature to still spread during this time and for many to be blessed by reading them.
  • Pray for those faithful members who are serving with food banks at this time. Pray that they are protected from the virus as they do this service of love for their communities.
  • Pray for laymen, Bible workers, and evangelists who are dependent on farming and other self-supportive measures to sustain themselves and their families. Pray for those living and serving in regions that are affected by heavy droughts.