?The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion.? ? Psalm 116:5

?The souls who came to Jesus felt in His presence that even for them there was escape from the pit of sin. The Pharisees had only scorn and condemnation for them; but Christ greeted them as children of God, estranged indeed from the Father?s house, but not forgotten by the Father?s heart. And their very misery and sin made them only the more the objects of His compassion. The farther they had wandered from Him, the more earnest the longing and the greater the sacrifice for their rescue.??? COL 186.2


God?s grace to us is a direct result of His great compassion towards all who suffer under sin and its consequences. Realizing His compassion towards you, as revealed in Jesus, what is hindering you to come to Him, as you are, and surrender the darkest corners of your life to Him, today? Jesus understands your burdens, struggles, and temptations. He is more than willing to help, heal, forgive, uplift, and strengthen you. Will you let His love, grace and compassion melt any resistance or indifference you might be feeling towards Him today?


  • Many Adventists and other Christians are realizing we had become too comfortable and were running our churches too humanly. We needed a wakeup call to help us live the life of faith, prayer, and miracles like the early church did in Acts. At that time believers had no finances, degrees, buildings or institutions, yet because of the trials and even persecution and by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit they changed the world and took the gospel to the whole world in just a few years.


  • Pray for the churches in Jamaica. Pray for members who are facing financial difficulties as well as the Andrews Memorial Hospital staff and patients during this crisis.
  • Pray for church members and family members who are struggling with addictions to pornography, alcohol, sugar, movies, music, and other substances and behaviors. Pray for them to gain victory in Christ.
  • Pray for the Windhoek South Church in Namibia who has been trying for ten years to receive approval to buy land to build a church for them to meet in.
  • Pray for the Adventist bakery in Gr?nna, Sweden, to be able to reach the many people in their city with the gospel message.