?My voice You shall hear in the morning, O LORD; In the morning I will direct?it?to You, And I will look up.? Ps. 5:3

?Summon all your powers to look up, not down at?your?difficulties; then you will never faint by the way. You will soon see Jesus behind the cloud, reaching out His hand?to help you; and?all?you have?to?do is?to?give Him?your?hand in simple faith and let Him lead you. As you become trustful you will,?through faith in Jesus, become hopeful. The light shining from the cross of Calvary will reveal?to?you God?s estimate of the soul, and, appreciating that estimate, you will seek?to?reflect the light?to?the world. A great name among men is as letters traced in sand, but a spotless character will endure?to all?eternity.??Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 578

Heart Questions:

What is the first thing that you do each morning? Do you look at the news, your e-mails or social media? Do you start thinking about all your problems? Or do you look up to Jesus? As you go through today, make a new commitment to look to Jesus instead of looking down on your trials. Look to Jesus for hope instead of turning to the secular world for encouragement.

PRAISE REPORT: In the last thirty days, over a hundred thousand resources have been downloaded from www.revivalandreformation.org. We praise the Lord that many people are recognizing their spiritual need and seeking to grow in their walk with God. We also praise the Lord that thousands of prayer groups are starting all around the world as a result of this COVID-19 crisis. 

  • Pray for church members throughout Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Belgium. These hot spot areas are still struggling to curtail the virus. Pray for healing for those who have experienced loss.
  • Pray for church members throughout the Middle East, especially in Iran and Israel. Pray for those that are living cramped up in tiny compartments with little fresh air and no ability to get exercise.
  • Pray for your neighbors who may not know Jesus. Pray for ways to share the hope of Jesus with them, maybe through ?cell phone? evangelism or other helpful online resources.
  • Pray for those in your own church or community who are fighting COVID-19 right now. Pray for God?s healing hand to be upon them.
  • Pray that we would all be faithful stewards and return our tithe. Even though times are difficult the Bible tells us that those who honor God, He will honor (1 Sam. 2:30).