?Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.? Ps. 50:15

?The greatest victories gained for the?cause of God are not?the?result of labored argument, ample facilities, wide influence, or abundance of means; they are?gained?in?the audience chamber with God, when with earnest, agonizing faith men lay hold upon?the?mighty arm of power.??Gospel Workers, p. 259

Heart Questions:

Since we know that we gain our greatest victories through prayer and time in God?s Word, why are we so hesitant to take the time to pray and study the Bible? What activities or distractions are getting in the way of your personal communion with God? 

PRAISE REPORT: In the Queensland city of Toowoomba (population 130,000), there are two churches, Toowoomba Central and Glenvale. Pastor Casey Wolverton is the pastor of the Glenvale Church. When the COVID19 virus hit and churches were closed, on the first Sabbath, they conducted the worship service as normal but with no one in the pews and broadcast it on Facebook or Youtube and 900 people viewed the service. The local radio station heard what the Adventists were doing, so the radio station approached the Adventist Church asking if they could record the Adventist service and broadcast it the next day (Sunday) to an audience of 130,000 people. Without the COVID10 crisis it is very unlikely that this would have happened. Praise God!

  • Pray that special messages of hope can continue to be broadcasted throughout the city of Toowoomba in Queensland Australia. Pray for church members throughout Australia, that they can find ways to continue to be a light to those around them.
  • Pray for our many Literature Evangelists around the world that can no longer go door to door. Pray for God to open up new ways for these dedicated workers to share the truth. And pray that God would provide for their needs. 
  • Pray for hospitals across the United States who are expecting to have their most difficult week yet in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Pray for God to intervene. 
  • Pray for the elderly, the immune-compromised, and other high-risk members in your local church. Pray that God?s protecting hand would be around them. 
  • Pray for those who have already lost loved ones because of this Coronavirus outbreak. Pray for courage and strength for those experiencing loss to hold on to God.