PRAISE REPORT! It appears that the spread of the pandemic is starting to slow down a little in Spain and Italy. We praise God that there is hope for improvement.

  • Pray that God would stop the spread of COVID19 in the countries of the world with high concentrated populations. Pray especially for the Lord?s intervention in India, Bangladesh, the continent of Africa, and some countries throughout Asia that are just beginning to battle the COVID-19 pandemic in full force.?
  • Pray for medical researchers to find treatments that cure the Coronavirus as we don?t have months to wait for the development of a vaccine.
  • Pray for God?s protection for children, for the weak, and vulnerable, who are forced to stay home with abusive family members or who live in difficult foster homes.
  • Pray for provision for food and meals for children that can no longer attend school where food was regularly provided.
  • Pray that we would learn to study God?s Word on a deeper level, and also share His Word in practical ways with those around us.