?You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.? ? Isaiah 26:3-4 (ESV)

?Those who take Christ at His word, and surrender their souls to His keeping, their lives to His ordering, will find peace and quietude. Nothing of the world can make them sad when Jesus makes them glad by His presence. In perfect acquiescence there is perfect rest.? ??Desire of?Ages, p. 331

 Heart Questions: 

When you feel unrest in your heart, where do you run first? 

Who do you consult? Is it Jesus?

Putting our trust in Jesus, Our Everlasting Rock, cannot be based on how you feel in any particular moment. You must choose to trust Him, no matter what circumstances you are in. Then He can give you perfect peace. Will you choose to put your trust in Him right now?

PRAISE: Through the various online evangelistic meetings as well as other digital church outreach activities former and missing members have regained an interest in God and even joined the church again!


  • Pray for church members who are learning how to share their hope in a way that is relevant to the secular post-modern people who live in in the cities of the world.
  • Pray for workers who will use Christ?s method to meet needs and reach the hearts of people living in cities around the world. 
  • Pray for those who are in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, who are either struggling themselves, or have loved ones struggling with the illness. 
  • Pray for peace for church members around the world who are fearful and afraid, or who are feeling alone.