We would like to invite our church community to join us for 11 Days of Prayer.  The program is as follows:

Date Day Time Place Leading Out
29-Jan-20 Wednesday 18:30 Church Marcel Ghioalda
30-Jan-20 Thursday 18:30 Church Danilo Puskas
31-Jan-20 Friday 19:30 Church Vespers
01-Feb-20 Saturday 18:00 School Ulo Parna
02-Feb-20 Sunday 18:30 Church Ruth Clemow
03-Feb-20 Monday 18:30 Church Peter Tokics
04-Feb-20 Tuesday 18:30 Church Bozidar Prgonjic
05-Feb-20 Wednesday 18:30 Church Dragana Antic
06-Feb-20 Thursday 18:30 Church Francisco Mphande
07-Feb-20 Friday 19:30 Church Vespers
08-Feb-20 Saturday 16:00 Church Marcel & Janos

The readings will follow the material prepared here.  We will end the 11 Days of Prayer, on Sabbath afternoon, with the devotional for the Business Meeting.

The Pastoral office.

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